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Defining Your Pricing Structure

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You’re in business, it’s to make money, right? So if you don’t have a solid and defined pricing structure, you’re going to hate owning your own business. Someone once said to me, “If your voice doesn’t trimble a little when you quote your prices, you aren’t charging enough.”  That really stung because for the longest time, I focused on being …

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What is Digital Branding?

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Digital Branding is a brand management technique that merges internet branding and digital marketing to build a brand that stretches across several digital arenas that include internet-based relationships, device-based applications, or media content. Creating a strong digital brand increases a brands efforts of establishing lasting relationships with consumers and companies. I am excited about this opportunity we have to grow …

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5 Reasons Why the World Needs Your Personal Brand to Emerge in 2018

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A Personal Brand is simply using your likeness to make a difference in the world.  Many people use their name to build their Personal Brand as speakers, creators, authors, etc.  Consider the world we live in today.  There are new creations and inventions popping up every day that are either making life easier or in the least, easier to navigate through. …

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It’s Always a Matter of Perspective

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Being a Full-Time business owner & a Stay-At-Home Dad can be interesting sometimes. I love being able to have a few hours to focus on the task at hand. I also love being able to spend time with my kids. The balance of it all is what’s interesting. Working through it all is fun and can be rewarding if it’s …

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The Way We Think About Fatherhood Is Broken

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The Way We Think About Fatherhood Is Broken In today’s world, we are bombarded by images and stories of women raising children alone. No doubt, this is a very serious reality that has shown itself across the entire world. However, because of the glaring focus on absent fathers, the fathers that are truly doing what they are supposed to (or …

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Something Is Always Preaching to You

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I once heard an older woman tell me, “The eyes are the window to your soul”. After dealing with so much in my life, that is a quote I’ve held onto for a few years. But like most motivational quotes, they eventually lose their power if they aren’t evenly applied to life’s trials and tribulations. So last night, I was …