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What the past 7 years has taught me

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In the Spring of 2002, I met this beautiful, brown skinned, God-fearing woman. I actually met her near the elevator as I was on my way to see my girlfriend, at the time. Her roommates and close friends had seen me in her dorm before so they knew who I was and prevented me from “trying anything” with her. So …

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Church Branding: Is It Really Important?

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When we think of church and all that comes with it, the last thing we consider is branding.  There’s a greater message that takes importance, right? The short and long answers are, Yes.  But it should be noted that lots of todays churches are being vacated, closed up, or ineffective for various reasons.  I believe that one of the reasons …

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34 Thankful Reasons

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Since I’ve been blessed enough to see the 4th anniversary of my 30th birthday, I thought it would be fitting to devote a blog post to God and to anyone would be blessed by reading it. So, here goes. These are 34 things that I am thankful for! 1. God; I was called from an early age. No way I …