I was born in Goldsboro, NC and was raised in Greenville, NC. My passion for making a difference was birthed from an early age.  I’ve always had someone in my life, encouraging me to be better.  When it became clear to me who I could really make a difference with, I shifted my focus.

During my Senior Year of High School, I applied to 1 school only; THE North Carolina Central University.  I went to college because... well, people say "Go to College".  Despite not truly knowing what I wanted to do, I enrolled as an Education major.  Someone reminded me that I had several teachers along the way that molded me.  So giving back would be an excellent way to spend my adult life!

After graduating and working in the field for a while, I began to become exhausted.  I have always loved children but teaching was becoming predictable and not as fun as it was.  So, I started to dabble in the inner workings of my heart to try and determine who I really am.  That day, birthed my journey as an Entrepreneur!


I am happily married to the love of my life, Ebony S. Bailey.  Together, we have 5 children (Yes, I said 5).  Isaiah, Arianna, Mayah, Aniyah, and Josiah. Ebony and I desire to be the best role models possible for them and we’ve begun to teach them the talents and skills possible for entrepreneurship by leading by example.  Soon, we’ll be launching our own family brand!

I also own my own business, Premier Branding & Marketing Solutions, where I am the Creative Director. We offers lots of digital, print, branding, and marketing work.