Let me remind you:
Your Dreams Matter.

I was completely burned out.

Getting up for work every morning was draining me.  Mainly because I stayed up until 2am to work on client request, websites, and whatever else I was doing to grow my business.  I hit this crossroad and it was like a truck hit me in the face.

You can't burn a candle from both ends.

Working so hard made able to only give SOME of my self to all of the entities that needed me.  So I made the decision after prayer and talking to my wife to leave my career.

10 years of a steady paycheck.  10 years of a stable job and career.

And it was hard.  I jumped completely off the cliff and tried to build my parachute on the way down.  Those experiences woke me up to a sharp reality.

I had always been creative. I had always been intrigued by how things work and because it wasn't popular, I never tried to capitalize on it.  What more could young people be if we gave them the opportunity to explore their dreams now?

Thank you Mr. Trevis for taking your time to speak to us. The information you provided was useful for my career. I've always viewed myself having a career as a professional dancer, but I never took the time to think about what makes me stand out and how I am going to market myself. You also reassured me that it's okay for me to fail. I now understand that my journey towards entrepreneurship is going to be long and challenging, but it will be all worth it in the end.

I'm committed to helping dreams grow. So be warned.

When you bring me in to speak to your group, school, or organization, they will not be the same.  I am determined to encourage young people and professionals to look within themselves.  Even if entrepreneurship isn't a goal for some, I want to spare them the chance that they'll get to college, graduate, and work in a field that's completely opposite of their field and adds NO value to their lives.

I will challenge them to think, change, and grow for the betterment of their futures.  So what are you waiting for?

Thank you for coming down to EE Smith all the way from Raleigh. You taught me and my peers a lot about becoming an entrepreneur and how it’s never to early invest in something great. My favorite part in your whole lecture was the fact that you allowed my peers to be engaged and be able to speak and tell you about their careers. Thank you for educating my school about how you have to fail to succeed. Thank you once again for coming all the way down here to speak to my school.

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