Brand New Life Podcast - Episode 09

Repurposing Your Content

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Allow me to introduce to you a new way to repurposing your content called, The Chop.  The Chop helps you create a pattern or string of ideas on how to repurpose your content.  Now, this may be a long process so it will benefit you to get out a pencil and paper.  I’ll also have this for you in the show notes.  Now, what I won’t allow you to do is make excuses as to why you cannot do this.  There are too many free apps and software out there for you to develop a process and make it happen.

Social Media is always changing.  But the good thing is, it gives us more creative ways to reach our audience.  But with so many different networks, what content should go where?  What if I told you that you could create content ONE time and you could use it on each of your networks to interact with your audiences in different ways? 

What if I told you that consistency builds relationships? Well, it does! There really is a way for you to be consistent without burning yourself out to your clients, potential clients, and followers.  It’s a concept called “Redistributing Content”. Let’s learn the keys to keeping your brand relevant & in front of those who need to see your content!

It is time for you to get serious about building your brand. Through this podcast, my goal is to motivate you, remind you, or even push you into your Brand New Life. I want to equip you to use your likeness, business, service, or product to change the world. Your Brand New Life begins today; let’s get started!

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