Unnerving Silence

Music and entertainment has become a staple in our lives. They can take us through a world of emotions and help us cope, make us laugh, or just allow us to escape the day.

There are things that happen in our lives and because we are people that know God, we are to cast our cares on Him. The Bible also talks about fearing God; this is mostly interpreted as reverence and not frightful.

A few years ago, I was flipping through radio stations, trying to find something good for me to listen to. I listen to a LOT of Christian based hip hop but it had been several days in a row of listening and I was becoming a bit bored with it. It was baseball season so Sports Talk Radio wasn’t appealing either. So what do you do in times like this? Easy… find another station. But time after time, I found nothing.

Eventually, I just turned it off. Once I did that, I realized that I was in the car alone… I don’t mean that as if I wasn’t aware but the absence of music allowed me to realize the power of silence. This was an ample opportunity to talk to God.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are fearful of that silence. It’s been so long since we’ve had an honest and open conversation with God, that it’s awkward. With all the devices at our fingertips today, it’s very easy to avoid that awkwardness.

To take it a step further, some of us are afraid of our own thoughts. Sitting in silence and having nothing to remove our situations make us uncomfortable. Don’t believe me? Try it. Take a drive of 20 minutes or more with no radio (and of course, no phone).

Some of us have painted God in a corner. We’ve reserved time for him to be limited to Sunday service and mid-week Bible Study (when we aren’t tired enough to attend). But what would happen if we intentionally threw ourselves into the arms of God through prayer more consistently? How much harder could we fight our habits, shortcomings, and doubts if we were fueled by the presence of God?

My challenge to you today is to break through the silence and spend some of that Me-Time with God. Let Him show Himself to you during your intimate moments and be strengthen by His love and wisdom He’ll give you.

Don’t be afraid of the silence.