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What is Personal Branding?

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Greetings and welcome to your Brand New Life podcast! I am Trevis Bailey and I am excited about this opportunity we have to grow into successful entrepreneurs! Through a series of in-depth conversations, I am sure that you will feel better about stepping out into your Brand new life!

Personal Branding is inspired by what you deem as important or at least, what you’re good at. Personal Branding is the hunger that we have to make a change in the world through our causes, products, and/or services. Very often, the things that cause us the most headache and frustration equate to our ability to help fix them. Let’s discuss Personal Branding & why it’s important for you to explore yours!

In laymen’s terms, Personal Branding is the idea of using your name and likeness to promote, educate, or create awareness of a product, service, cause and/or invention.


Make sure you catch the next episode of the Brand New Life Podcast where we take a dive into Defining Your Pricing Structure!  As entrepreneurs, we sometimes devalue our products and services for various reasons but I want to ensure that you never struggle with that again.  


It is time for you to get serious about building your brand. Through this podcast, my goal is to motivate you, remind you, or even push you into your Brand New Life. I want to equip you to use your likeness, business, service, or product to change the world. Your Brand New Life begins today; let’s get started!

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